Monday, April 7, 2008

Figuring it out!

So you thought this was about life, I wish I had that figured out, but this is about writting on my blog!

So in effect this a test to see how this all works. My computer knowledge is all trial and error, as reading help is useless to me. I get lucky sometimes and stumble into what works and hope this is one of those times.

I placed a picture in my blog and trust me that was dumb luck. Unfortunately, all my photos are on my other laptop and to this point I have not tranferred anything from the old HP, as it still works, but overheats. Everytime I go to Best Buy, I pick up a smart stick (?) and put it back. I have a 5 port hub that I can use to transfer items, but I delay. Someday soon.

About that life thing...why do things work out the way they do? Example... I use a hot pot to heat water for my instant coffee/tea/ etc, well yesterday it stopped working about 2 hours after I ordered a Keurig coffeemaker. Did the hot pot know I was replacing it? Or was it all a coincidence...I think NOT!