Monday, April 7, 2008

Figuring it out!

So you thought this was about life, I wish I had that figured out, but this is about writting on my blog!

So in effect this a test to see how this all works. My computer knowledge is all trial and error, as reading help is useless to me. I get lucky sometimes and stumble into what works and hope this is one of those times.

I placed a picture in my blog and trust me that was dumb luck. Unfortunately, all my photos are on my other laptop and to this point I have not tranferred anything from the old HP, as it still works, but overheats. Everytime I go to Best Buy, I pick up a smart stick (?) and put it back. I have a 5 port hub that I can use to transfer items, but I delay. Someday soon.

About that life thing...why do things work out the way they do? Example... I use a hot pot to heat water for my instant coffee/tea/ etc, well yesterday it stopped working about 2 hours after I ordered a Keurig coffeemaker. Did the hot pot know I was replacing it? Or was it all a coincidence...I think NOT!


Laurie said...

I'm sure the hot pot knew what you were doing and this is a true hot pot pout!

Glad to see you figured this out. You have to love technology.

Sydney said...

Hi Delee!!!!

Well, I'm impressed about the picture! I have to figure out where to get one that is not a picture of me, so I can stay anonymous until I get the courage to not be!

I think it's thrilling that so many of us are getting blogs going and so many are checking in. It's a good motivator to stay current. Everything I've ever learned on computer is becasuse something kind of forced me into it.
Hugs, Syd

Gayle said...

Hi Delee! Just stopped by to say hi.

Sydney said...

Delee- who are these three great looking young people in the pic???

Delee said...


The dark haired gent is Kyle ( A's bf), the middle is my daughter, Amanda...and the other young man is my son, Matthew.

Thank you for the nice compliment.
I got the pic from A's facebook photo album (do not ask me how I did it), and then somehow got it here. Guess some things will be easier if I do them over and over.

Donna in AL said...

Hi Delee,
Loved that about the hot pot!! I had been looking at new refridgerators because mine was bought in 85, ice maker was broke and the wire shelves were rusting. Guess what happened? I was glad I had been shopping around and got a good price!

Life is indeed funny.