Sunday, December 28, 2008

Starry Starry Night

Awhile back Sydney asked me about the picture I was using on my blog. Here is the story:
On the 13th of Dec, Matthew and Patricia were to come up because Matthew had to pick up a gift for her at a jewelry store near here. They both come in the door, we sit and talk for a bit, then Amanda walks in the door with a fur ball. Hopefully, I asked Amanda if they had gotten a puppy. All at once, all 3 went Merry Christmas. I hoped my hearing was wrong.
No, this thing was for me. Truthfully, I was not happy with this present. I like to travel a lot and just having the rabbit makes it hard, but I can go away for the day with no worries. A pup/dog requires more effort to leave for long. She is a cockapoo and cost them a fortune. I have not had a puppy since 1988 and then there was 4 of us in the home or more playmates to wear the puppy out. Then we get the frigid cold and ice here, hard to house-break with these weather conditions.
She is slowly growing on me, but still I wish they had not done this!!! To kennel both will be $45 a day. UGH! Vet bills and such...
Starry is a doll, and I am sure she will become part of my family in time. Just wish they had asked first!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Penn State vs Michigan State weekend

My daughter, Amanda, and her boyfriend Kyle showed up here on Thursday eve. This was after she told me they would be here, Friday. So here I was with a charted course of preparation for all to arrive Friday evening. SO I had to jump into overdrive to finish cleaning, make applesauce and cookies. Matthew and his gf, Patricia arrived around 8p on Fri. Now the weather is turning super nasty, snow, frigid temps and a 930am, Sat, meet up for the tailgate. There was no way in h*ll I was going. Give me a TV, a no-line bathroom, and whatever I want to eat during the game. After getting all four out of the house, after a 2 peeps drop-off downtown, I settled in to watch the game at 3:30. Before the game I needed to prep for the meal for Sun. I made the cranberry salad and had everything but the rice prepared for the Paula Deen's Chicken and Rice casserole.

The temps at game time (330p) were 28 with a wind chill of 14. I was worried since all had been outside since 930am and temps were about as bad then. I decided to watch the game from my bed with a heated mattress pad. Oh so cozy. Around 5p, I used the bathroom and thought that it seemed cooler, but then I was super warm and thought nothing of it. I received a call as the game ended, about 730p and the house seemed chillier. Turned up the thermostat and nada. HUH!!! Checked the circuit breaker, hit the reset, NADA. Just great!!!

What to do? I called my oil company and they said someone would call me. That someone called me but I had no record that they could find. I told them my family had used this company since at least the early 60's and on the farm there were at the max 8 oil tanks and that I had just gotten oil from them in mid-Oct to the tune of over $800. Meanwhile, I am thinking, here I have 4 guests and no heat on a night that would be in the teens. Thank goodness the guy came out, was here for 45 minutes and to fix the problem was $250, a clog in the line. Now here is the kicker, since they could not find no record of me, I had to pay cash or check. I told the guy either would be fine, just fix it. BUT the whole time he kept repeating that it could be expensive, I said so what, in the long run a plumber and busted pipes would cost more and I had frozen family coming to the house.

In the end, we had heat by 915p. I called the oil company this AM and Scott (who I deal with) said how sorry they were. He knows I am in the system, but somehow it was not showing and even though the repair guy/service tried to call him and said he was not reachable, he doubts they tried.

Guess my moral of this story is that no matter how long you deal with a company, you can be frustrated when an emergency arises and you are a NON!!! All worked out, but I do not want to think about if I had been denied.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paducah KY

Where the Ohio River meets the Tennessee River. Paducah held my attention and I enjoyed sitting by the rivers watching traffic go by. Spent a small fortune on fabrics, here and in Kissimmee.

If you get there go to Hancocks of Paducah. I about fainted when I walked in there, could not believe the amounts and types of fabrics.

National Quilt Museum is here. Unbelievable collection of quilts. Pictured are 2 stain-glass windows.


I stumbled unto Graceland, did not tour just a few pics.


Been so many times, few pics. But proof I was there.

Ringling Museum-Sarasota FL

Mr Howard has worked for 40 years creating a mini circus, includes train cars, cast tents, preparation tents, concession areas and of course a 5 ring circus tent. Was amazing to see.

Old circus posters

Circus wagons

Love Banyan trees so strange

Ca d Zan, the winter home to John and Mable Ringling. I visited here in the mid-90's and the home was empty and in poor repair. Today it is furnished and bright and shiny. About 60 acres and sits on Sarasota Bay. There is an extensive museum of priceless art, that we did not have time for, but I visited it the 1st time there. Was kind of sad not this time.

My Tags

1. Clothes Shop - Clothes shopping? What is that? (borrowed from rbennie). I hate it! No, not just dislike! I go to a store have a pre-conceived idea what I am looking for and it is not to be found! I leave empty handed. At least twice a year I try to find pieces to fit into things I already have and it is not fun. Funny thing is I find tons of things I could buy my daughter or son and have to restrain myself. Last item I bought myself was a Penn State hoodie (10/17), does that count? I used to sew most of my clothes for high school (we had to wear dresses/skirts, no pants-that changed the year after I graduated), but out of that habit now. This year the color scheme is jewel tones, I can not wear those, so I am out of luck again. I bought a dress in June for a wedding and that was the first time since 2003. Guess that makes me a slack/capri or short wearer.

2. Furniture Shop - I owned my Mother's home and still have her furniture in place. I did bring a few items from Alabama in 2004 that would fit into what was here. I need to redo some items, but I am considering building a semi-dream home out on the farm and that would be furnished totally different then this home would be.

3. Sweet - Not a huge sweet fan, more of a salty person. Occasionally, I desire some good chocolate or fudge. I would choose pie over cake and a cookie over those.

4. City - Growing up a dairy farm girl, I prefer the country. I enjoy city life for visits and where I live now is set-back from the hussle/bussle of this borough-yes it is a borough. If I had the wealth, my desire would be to travel to world cities and stay for 6 months or so to savor different cultures and explore their histories. London-Paris-Florence-Budapest-Cairo are just a few.

5. Drink - At a casino in the am, I have a bloody mary or two. Then maybe in the afternoon, a scotch and soda. Yuengling beer occasionally. My downfall is when kids come up for a PSU game and we seem to live in one of their old haunts with friends. It is a wild time, pitchers-strangers trying to buy you shots or drinks orf multiple liquors with strange names. I decline those since I have to get home. Unless having an upscale dining experience, I skip the wine and drink water. I guess as a frugal person, a $30+ bottle of wine that can be bought at a shop for maybe $10 burns my butt!

6. Music - CD's I have in my car: Josh Groban-Meatloaf-Bon Jovi-Tina Turner-NSYNC-a Elvis Presley collection ( never was a fan and saw this in Best Buy, thought I would give it a listen, once). Around town I have on the ESPN radio, but like on this last trip I usually do not turn on the radio. Guess I like the noise of the road.

7. TV Series - Reality or why else would I be a fan of Jackie's blog? Can not miss shows would include CSI (+Miami)-House-ANTM-L&O's-NCIS-Criminal Minds or too many to list. I watch two soaps-As The World Turns and Guilding Light, I used to tape Days of Our Life's, but just lost interest.

8. Film - Again a wide variety. I have many on DVD that I watch again and again, I even watch those when they run on TV, if it does not conflict with something else. If I had to pigeon-hole genre, historical and not stupid comedy. Many films I prefer would be because of the actors. I am over the senseless violence to draw in younger audiences.

9. Workout - Mowing the yard-raking leaves-gardening-walking about hits the spot. Sweating in a gym is not for me. All those spandex-perfect or not so perfect bodies (oh my eyes)!

10. Pastries - A "HOT" sign Krispy Creme, plain glazed to die for. Cherry cheese danish and maybe an old-fashioned cream puff (which you can not find anymore) with real ingredient filling not the crappy stuff they make now.

11. Coffee - I bought myself a Keurig and miss it so much when I travel. I use Green Mountain-Extra Bold-Dark Magic with a large mug and it is just right. Starbucks is too over priced and not that great. In the winter, my pleasure in the afternoon is a lovely cup of hot tea.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Boone Plantation

My Dad

Flowers from Boone Plantation

There were 9 slave cabins. At the peak of the plantation
up to 20 would live in a 10x20 cabin.


Homes and scenes of Savannah. Conny is with Jamie and Bobby Deen at Paula Deen's Lady and Sons shop. We did not know they would be there and was shocked because usually you do not see the celebs!!!

My dad's back!

So strange to see ground cover on the stairs, but was stone on step.


Homes of Charleston and the Market. The lady is making baskets out of reeds. The price made me choke, like $200 and up for a small one.