Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boone Plantation

This is Boone Plantation, at one time it was 4000 acres. They grew cotton, indigo, and later started making bricks. At one time they had the largest pecan tree farm and this allowed them to go through the depression. Today it is about 100 acres. This home was in North and South, Queen and The Notebook (the young girl's home) Unfortunately, the main plantation house was wood (boo) and was torn down in the 1930's and this home was built by a Canadian.
The tree lined lane is kind of famous, it is an image that is fairly well known. Anyone remember Patrick Swayze riding his horse up this to the house, in North and South?
All and all this was kind of disappointing as we were expecting a real plantation home of the 1800's, but there were slave quarters, gardens, house tour (with a docent) and a short farm tour. The only thrill I got was the Notebook and North and South connection.


lynn1 said...

Thanks for sharing photos from you trip. I used to live in Charleston and have fond memories of visiting the big plantations.

This is off topic but if you are interested I might be able to catch up with you when you are in Biloxi. I can't promise I could come and it may be that with your traveling campanions this would not be a good time to meet.
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Sydney said...

Well, I'm still just glad to see you're posting. More please!!!