Sunday, December 28, 2008

Starry Starry Night

Awhile back Sydney asked me about the picture I was using on my blog. Here is the story:
On the 13th of Dec, Matthew and Patricia were to come up because Matthew had to pick up a gift for her at a jewelry store near here. They both come in the door, we sit and talk for a bit, then Amanda walks in the door with a fur ball. Hopefully, I asked Amanda if they had gotten a puppy. All at once, all 3 went Merry Christmas. I hoped my hearing was wrong.
No, this thing was for me. Truthfully, I was not happy with this present. I like to travel a lot and just having the rabbit makes it hard, but I can go away for the day with no worries. A pup/dog requires more effort to leave for long. She is a cockapoo and cost them a fortune. I have not had a puppy since 1988 and then there was 4 of us in the home or more playmates to wear the puppy out. Then we get the frigid cold and ice here, hard to house-break with these weather conditions.
She is slowly growing on me, but still I wish they had not done this!!! To kennel both will be $45 a day. UGH! Vet bills and such...
Starry is a doll, and I am sure she will become part of my family in time. Just wish they had asked first!


Sydney said...

Well, I didn't expect that to be the story behind the pic! And neither did you, sounds like, lol. I totally understand their sentiment, they probably thought this would be great.. and did not count on the Artic moving in across the US just when you are trying to potty train. I imagine a year from now you might not be able to imagine life without Starry... but for now it sounds like quite an adjustment. IS the dog small enough for you to bring with you when you travel? Since so many people carry them around nowadays, maybe that's an option for some of your trips?

Delee said...

Starry should get to around 10-12 lbs. Not too big. Trouble is I get comped at many casinos and no pets allowed.

Copper was with me 17yr 9 mo 8 days, so I know how they grow on you.

I will manage somehow and someway.

meb said...

Well you gotta admit delee, Starry is so cute... I have a 90 pounder... want to travel and won't leave him with the kids cause they'll only come down enough to feed him and let him out. He needs company... and no another dog isn't it.

I agree with you about vet bills. I had three dogs at one time when I moved here. Cost me a fortune for check-ups just so I could get their licenses. I really couldn't afford that now. When Buddy is gone, I want no more animals...Love but they sure do tie you down!!! period, nuf said!!!!!

sizzie said...

Well, it has been a few days, how is it going with you sweet new friend? The puppy, I'm talking about the puppy!