Monday, November 24, 2008

Penn State vs Michigan State weekend

My daughter, Amanda, and her boyfriend Kyle showed up here on Thursday eve. This was after she told me they would be here, Friday. So here I was with a charted course of preparation for all to arrive Friday evening. SO I had to jump into overdrive to finish cleaning, make applesauce and cookies. Matthew and his gf, Patricia arrived around 8p on Fri. Now the weather is turning super nasty, snow, frigid temps and a 930am, Sat, meet up for the tailgate. There was no way in h*ll I was going. Give me a TV, a no-line bathroom, and whatever I want to eat during the game. After getting all four out of the house, after a 2 peeps drop-off downtown, I settled in to watch the game at 3:30. Before the game I needed to prep for the meal for Sun. I made the cranberry salad and had everything but the rice prepared for the Paula Deen's Chicken and Rice casserole.

The temps at game time (330p) were 28 with a wind chill of 14. I was worried since all had been outside since 930am and temps were about as bad then. I decided to watch the game from my bed with a heated mattress pad. Oh so cozy. Around 5p, I used the bathroom and thought that it seemed cooler, but then I was super warm and thought nothing of it. I received a call as the game ended, about 730p and the house seemed chillier. Turned up the thermostat and nada. HUH!!! Checked the circuit breaker, hit the reset, NADA. Just great!!!

What to do? I called my oil company and they said someone would call me. That someone called me but I had no record that they could find. I told them my family had used this company since at least the early 60's and on the farm there were at the max 8 oil tanks and that I had just gotten oil from them in mid-Oct to the tune of over $800. Meanwhile, I am thinking, here I have 4 guests and no heat on a night that would be in the teens. Thank goodness the guy came out, was here for 45 minutes and to fix the problem was $250, a clog in the line. Now here is the kicker, since they could not find no record of me, I had to pay cash or check. I told the guy either would be fine, just fix it. BUT the whole time he kept repeating that it could be expensive, I said so what, in the long run a plumber and busted pipes would cost more and I had frozen family coming to the house.

In the end, we had heat by 915p. I called the oil company this AM and Scott (who I deal with) said how sorry they were. He knows I am in the system, but somehow it was not showing and even though the repair guy/service tried to call him and said he was not reachable, he doubts they tried.

Guess my moral of this story is that no matter how long you deal with a company, you can be frustrated when an emergency arises and you are a NON!!! All worked out, but I do not want to think about if I had been denied.


Laurie said...

I have to hand it to you, you seemed to have handled all this very well. I would have started freaking at people arriving too early!

sizzie said...

What a weekend you had! It was great they came out on a Saturday. I do love heated mattress pads! It was good you didn't go to wouldn't have been fun to come home to a cold house.

meb said...

You really pulled this one off delee. We too had no heat for two days AGAIN!!! This is the third time in 3 years that we've either called for heat or air, always on the coldest or hottest days of the year. Luckily the guy came out on Sunday, which was a total surprise. Found two wires separated which of course kept it from blowing the heat into the house.

But I had none of your issues. No one was coming to the house and I wasn't preparing a dinner for a zillion people. Kudos to you for all that.

And I love my electric blanky!