Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Days in Dublin Part II

My Dad and Mickey D's

There are many statues in the city...this is O'Connell street that runs to the Liffey River that splits the city! Heineken building in the background.

Panama Pub, we had supper there the first night.

Yes I had Cream of Vegetable soup...and a pint of Smithwick's.

Close to our hotel was the 1st stop for tour of Dublin. We bought the "Hop On Hop Off" pass for E15 or about $20 USD. Nothing is cheap in euro countries. My Dad wondered how "normal" people survived the costs. I agree with him.

The round trip takes 1 1/2 hr and first time around we just rode and took in the views. Second time, we hopped off and on.

Trinity College on right. Founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592. Swift, Beckett and Wilde attended here. It houses the "Book of Kells", one of Ireland's most treasured possessions. Will let ya look that one up!

Left is the Irish Houses of Parliment, but now is the Bank of Ireland. Parliment was dissolved in 1801 when the United Kingdom was formed.

Betting places are a dime a dozen in most towns.

Before the Master's looked in one and they would take bets on who had the first birdie. Bets on almost anything!

Another pub

Christ Church Cathedral

Founded in 1030 by King Sitric, this is Dublin's oldest building. Not all is that old, has been added to over the ages.


meb said...

Had to hunt for this comment post. Delee, you did a great job taking pictures and I know you will cherish them forever. It was so great that you were able to visit with your father. Again, thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

Great pictures and you did a good job with the narration. Blogger is hard to use balance sometimes. I loved the fresh produce pictures and the old castle. Thanks for sharing with us!

sizzie said...

That little bit of grass was so green..and unexpected with all the pavement. Thanks for taking the photos and sharing them. I loved the journey through them.