Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Days in Dublin Part III

This is the Guinness area- tour was $15.00 E or

$20 USD. We did not tour but shopped for gifts!

Matthew told me this was a must for a gift for him.

Guinness took up many blocks and different areas of the city. Maid serving a "G" weathervane. Another pub...

This is Stephen's Green mall, we used the water closet for E .20 or $.25, my Dad refused. Told him I would have paid whatever, needed one badly!

Grafton Street, many interesting up-scale shops. Really liked the closed to traffic streets for pedestrians.

Sorry got this pic twice, can not get rid of it!

O2 is a cell phone company and these ducks were

everywhere! Just thought was too cute!

Lovely lady was selling beautiful flowers on Grafton St.

We had lunch, you know where, a pub, Independence Pub. In England, every lunch had peas on the plate, here the soup of the day was Cream of Vegetable, everywhere! A bowl of soup and a pint of Smithwick's Irish Ale made a filling lunch, of course brown bread was served with everything! My Dad drank Guinness.

This pub was old old old and had stained glass windows, metal ceiling and a huge wooden bar. Small, but wonderful atmosphere!

Yes, another pub and no I did not have a pint at all of them!!!

This pub was in the Temple Bar area. Many pubs have the tobacco signs and say the sell the products, but smoking inside is taboo. This area is the nightlife spot in Dublin.

Halfpenny Bridge, that is what the charge used to be. It is a foot-bridge across the Liffey River.

If you ever saw "Nottinghill" with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant there is a bus in London many times with her on the side advertising the movie. Just had to have a shot of this!

The city is over-run with buses. I have never seen so many buses. City buses, tour buses, just plain buses. Most were double-decker, closed or open. Also street-cleaners on the sidewalks filled with people. Thought that was very strange, it seemed one was following us and when Conny went into a store, the driver of one motioned for me to come and ride with him. I declined, I guess I will always wonder what he thought when he motioned to me. Maybe I could have had a few pints with him....LOL


Sydney said...

love the flower pictures and the duckies... and the building after the flower pics... which I've now forgotten, Gorgeous.

meb said...

I did see Nottinghill and they had her picture on buses back then too. This one seems to have Clive Owen on it as well, so it's advertising her current movie.

Loved all the pix. Thanks for taking us on your trip.

sizzie said...

Yes, I will wonder, too. About your Irish street cleaner. UHmmm