Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Tags

1. Clothes Shop - Clothes shopping? What is that? (borrowed from rbennie). I hate it! No, not just dislike! I go to a store have a pre-conceived idea what I am looking for and it is not to be found! I leave empty handed. At least twice a year I try to find pieces to fit into things I already have and it is not fun. Funny thing is I find tons of things I could buy my daughter or son and have to restrain myself. Last item I bought myself was a Penn State hoodie (10/17), does that count? I used to sew most of my clothes for high school (we had to wear dresses/skirts, no pants-that changed the year after I graduated), but out of that habit now. This year the color scheme is jewel tones, I can not wear those, so I am out of luck again. I bought a dress in June for a wedding and that was the first time since 2003. Guess that makes me a slack/capri or short wearer.

2. Furniture Shop - I owned my Mother's home and still have her furniture in place. I did bring a few items from Alabama in 2004 that would fit into what was here. I need to redo some items, but I am considering building a semi-dream home out on the farm and that would be furnished totally different then this home would be.

3. Sweet - Not a huge sweet fan, more of a salty person. Occasionally, I desire some good chocolate or fudge. I would choose pie over cake and a cookie over those.

4. City - Growing up a dairy farm girl, I prefer the country. I enjoy city life for visits and where I live now is set-back from the hussle/bussle of this borough-yes it is a borough. If I had the wealth, my desire would be to travel to world cities and stay for 6 months or so to savor different cultures and explore their histories. London-Paris-Florence-Budapest-Cairo are just a few.

5. Drink - At a casino in the am, I have a bloody mary or two. Then maybe in the afternoon, a scotch and soda. Yuengling beer occasionally. My downfall is when kids come up for a PSU game and we seem to live in one of their old haunts with friends. It is a wild time, pitchers-strangers trying to buy you shots or drinks orf multiple liquors with strange names. I decline those since I have to get home. Unless having an upscale dining experience, I skip the wine and drink water. I guess as a frugal person, a $30+ bottle of wine that can be bought at a shop for maybe $10 burns my butt!

6. Music - CD's I have in my car: Josh Groban-Meatloaf-Bon Jovi-Tina Turner-NSYNC-a Elvis Presley collection ( never was a fan and saw this in Best Buy, thought I would give it a listen, once). Around town I have on the ESPN radio, but like on this last trip I usually do not turn on the radio. Guess I like the noise of the road.

7. TV Series - Reality or why else would I be a fan of Jackie's blog? Can not miss shows would include CSI (+Miami)-House-ANTM-L&O's-NCIS-Criminal Minds or too many to list. I watch two soaps-As The World Turns and Guilding Light, I used to tape Days of Our Life's, but just lost interest.

8. Film - Again a wide variety. I have many on DVD that I watch again and again, I even watch those when they run on TV, if it does not conflict with something else. If I had to pigeon-hole genre, historical and not stupid comedy. Many films I prefer would be because of the actors. I am over the senseless violence to draw in younger audiences.

9. Workout - Mowing the yard-raking leaves-gardening-walking about hits the spot. Sweating in a gym is not for me. All those spandex-perfect or not so perfect bodies (oh my eyes)!

10. Pastries - A "HOT" sign Krispy Creme, plain glazed to die for. Cherry cheese danish and maybe an old-fashioned cream puff (which you can not find anymore) with real ingredient filling not the crappy stuff they make now.

11. Coffee - I bought myself a Keurig and miss it so much when I travel. I use Green Mountain-Extra Bold-Dark Magic with a large mug and it is just right. Starbucks is too over priced and not that great. In the winter, my pleasure in the afternoon is a lovely cup of hot tea.


meb said...

Really enjoyed reading your tag Delee. Even tho I lived in a small city growing up, I spent most of my time on the farm where my best friend lived. I know what you mean when you say you like that life better. The City is ok to visit as you note.

Thanks for sharing.

Donna in AL said...

I am with you on clothes, pastries, country living and riding without anything on the radio! I'm going to read up and comment.