Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paducah KY

Where the Ohio River meets the Tennessee River. Paducah held my attention and I enjoyed sitting by the rivers watching traffic go by. Spent a small fortune on fabrics, here and in Kissimmee.

If you get there go to Hancocks of Paducah. I about fainted when I walked in there, could not believe the amounts and types of fabrics.

National Quilt Museum is here. Unbelievable collection of quilts. Pictured are 2 stain-glass windows.


Donna in AL said...

The only place I have viisted in Kentucky is Mammoth Cave. There is a huge Hancock Fabrics the size of a large warehouse in Tupelo and another large one in South Haven near Tunica. My friend's mom has to stop at both when we go to Tunica to the casinos.

meb said...

Great pictures delee... I lived in Ohio for a short period of time, but never quite made it over into KY. I love reading those history markers when visiting the various states. They speak volumes.

Sydney said...

My mother in law is from Paducah, and I'd never heard of it before meeting her... and now, you've been there. Do you quilt? Or sew? Or both (re: your interest in buying up fabrics). Maybe I missed that in some past blog entry.... I will have to go back and look.