Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ringling Museum-Sarasota FL

Mr Howard has worked for 40 years creating a mini circus, includes train cars, cast tents, preparation tents, concession areas and of course a 5 ring circus tent. Was amazing to see.

Old circus posters

Circus wagons

Love Banyan trees so strange

Ca d Zan, the winter home to John and Mable Ringling. I visited here in the mid-90's and the home was empty and in poor repair. Today it is furnished and bright and shiny. About 60 acres and sits on Sarasota Bay. There is an extensive museum of priceless art, that we did not have time for, but I visited it the 1st time there. Was kind of sad not this time.


Donna in AL said...

Don't you just love the colors they paint the houses for tourist! I am sure I have been to Sarasota, but it was when I was little.

PDX Granny said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation!
What a wonderful time you must have had.

As much as I love to travel, I don't do it often enough. If I had the time and $'s, I'd try to visit every state, following a time line of our countries history. There is so much to learn and see!

meb said...

Such great pictures delee, and I can't believe that I lived in Florida for 20 years and never got too much farther than home. So I'm living through everyone else's pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing!

Sydney said...

wow, the house looks amazing -- have you ever been to San Simeon, the house of Hearst (the newspaper publisher) on the coast of California -- Pacific Coast Highway? It reminds me a little of it. Looks like you had a really great, long trip. Wondering how long you were gone